Karl Ammann
Karl Ammann is a wildlife photographer and conservation activist and a leader of the campaign that gained worldwide recognition of the bushmeat crisis in Africa. He is an advisory director to several organizations, including The World Society for the Protection of Animals, The Cheetah Conservation Fund, and The Biosynergy Institute. National Geographic has recently interviewed Karl and their story is a good introduction to his philosophies and opinions on the state of bushmeat today.

UTSB Research
Under The Sleeping Buffalo (UTSB) Research is an environmental research firm based in the town of Banff in Banff National Park, Canada’s first national park. We are a registered not-for-profit company that provides research services and support to the public, businesses, government agencies, other not-for-profit groups, and all users of Canadian national parks.

Carnivore Ecology & Conservation
Carnivore Ecology & Conservation is the personal website of Guillaume Chapron, assistant professor at the Swedish Agricultural University. You will find useful resources about carnivores, including permanently updated news, searchable literature, future meeting details and proceedings of past ones, action plans, automatic job watch, ecological knowledge monitoring.

Pantiacolla Tours
Pantiacolla Tours is a well established eco-tourism leader based in Cusco, Peru. They specialize in jungle adventures into Manu National Park, one of the planet’s last virtually untouched tropical rainforest paradise, well known for one of the highest rates of bio-diversity in the greater amazon region.